Andreas Hald Oxenvad is an artist, organizer and constructer.

At the moment working on hacking art in to cellphones (yes he got himself a base station) and cross-species relational art production in the project ”Boar Exposure Program” in collaboration with Nana Francisca Schottländer.

In his work he examines, reconstructs and deconstructs cultural phenomena. Prior to the academy of fine arts he did religious studies at the university. This perspective on cultural phenomena is recurrent in his research and works. He strives to apply a horizontal view of various phenomena of interest, and so to rank and treat them as equal.

He is the founder and curator of Spikersuppa sound gallery, presenting sound art, performance acts and concerts at Spikersuppa ice skate rink in Oslo from December to the beginning of March. And he was also involved in running the exhibition project One Night Only Gallery.


September 2008 – May 2014: Statens kunstakademi, Oslo
Januar 2008 – Juni 2008: Kunsthøjskolen på Ærø, DK
August 2006 – Juni 2007: Religion Syddansk Universitet, Odense, DK
Januar 2003 – Juni 2003: Holbæk kunsthøjskole, DK
August 2001 – Juni 2002: Lyd og studieteknik, Kbh produktionsskole, DK



2015 Slow Schism Slow Mating Fast Fading, Podium, Oslo
2014 Nopera performance, Spikersuppa Lydgalleri, Oslo
2013 Human Situation Station, Atelier HotelProForma, København (contructed/curated+nopera performance)
2013 Sculpture Situation Station, Atelier HotelProForma, København (contructed/curated+nopera performance)
2013 Vibrating Sculpture, Galleri Steentrupgate, Oslo
2011 How to trademark moments and movements, Galleri P0, Oslo
2011 Ursong 2.0, Semikolon, Oslo
2009 Boy versus boy, night club intallation, Nomaden, Oslo
2009 Burning memory burning, Galleri Blå, Oslo
2009 Boy versus boy, ONO Galleri, Oslo


2015 Seances with Materials, Podium, Oslo
2015 Seances with Materials, Atelier Hotel Pro Forma, Copenhagen
2014 KnockKnock, NBF, Oslo
2014 Degree Show, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2013 Open Academy, Academy of fine art, Oslo
2013 Dubbel Radio, Kunsthal C, Stockholm
2013 Statens Høstutstilling, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2013 Kunstakademiets julekalender retrospective, ONO Gallery, Oslo
2012 Winter soltice, ANX, Oslo
2012 Open Academy, National Academy of the Arts, Oslo
2012 Tjørnekrat, Sansestien, Hurdalen (site specific sound installation)
2012 Festival of sound, Podium, Oslo
2012 Kunstakademiets julekalender, Oslo S, Oslo
2012 On Implotions and Insights, Gallery d.o.r, Bruxelles, Belgium
2012 BA Afgangsuttstilling, Kunstnernes hus, Olso
2012 Kunstakademiets julekalender, ONO galleri, Oslo
2011 If inside, to get out, if outside, to get in, Søylegalleriet, Oslo
2011 Vann over brua. Sitespecifik installation, elverlangs
2010 Podium Live, Gallery Podium, Oslo
2009 Open Academy, National Academy of the Arts, Oslo
2009 Multiple Stress Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo
2009 Birdsbirdsbirds, Pavilion, Oslo
2009 Read Me, Galleri 21:24 and 21:25, Oslo
2008 Open Academy, Oslo Academy of the Arts
2008 NÅ Skulptursalen SKA, Oslo
2008 Graduationshow, Ærø kunsthøjskole, Ærø Danmark
2007 Absorbredirectamplify, Nordisk kulturcenter, Kbh Danmark

Udvalgte Projekter

2012: Ubåden Skvulp
Bådteatret, Nyhavn, København

2013: Justine
Husets Teater, København
Musik og lyddesign

2013: Justine
Teater Momentum, Odense
Musik og lyddesign

2012: Justine
Rosenteatret, Århus
Musik og lyddesign

2009:Dragen i kirken?
Lyd og lys. Projektudvikling
Herlev børnekulturnat, Herlev, Dk

2007: Blå nat, kortfilm
Musik og lyddesign
Instruktion Tue Oxenvad Og
Jacob P.K. Christiansen

2007: Crenóm, det usynlige teater(A-huset)
Musik og lyddesign i samarbejde med
Louise Roost Wille-Jørgensen
København, Dk.

2006: Indadvendt by, Basement + The Lab
Lydperformance som en del af ”Shh”.
København, Dk.

2004: The 5th season, station 2000
Ukentlikt Live-Noise-musik program.
København, DK

2009: Radio Neu, Radio Nova
Ukentlikt kunst program.