Your Eyes (hold head still)

“Think of a distressful experience, and follow the dot with your eyes (hold head still) for 30 seconds or more.

In 1987, Francine Shapiro was walking in the park when she realized that eye movements appeared to decrease the negative emotion associated with her own distressing memories. She assumed that eye movements had a desensitizing effect, and when she experimented with this, she found that others also had the same response to eye movements.

Your Eyes (Hold Still) by Andreas Oxenvad

Livefeat from webcam filming the wiever
Flash animation projected on canvas

The absence of images (Aniconism)

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The fundamental cause of aniconism is embedded in the problematic nature of representation. There is an unavoidable need to represent the world in images since this is how our cognition works, but what is the validity of a representation witch is not perceptible to our biological senses, but are something outside of their reach?